Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Six ideas for Fox News after Alan Colmes leaves Hannity and Colmes

This week, Radio Equilizer broke the news, which was later confirmed by Fox News, that Alan Colmes would be leaving Hannity and Colmes after 12 years on the air. The question as to what will happen between Bill O'Reilly and Gretta Van Susteren (I mean the time slot between) is still unanswered. In an effort to help the big wigs at Fox, here are a few ideas to help fill the void.

  • Hannity and Abdul. Who better to offset the hard-hitting style of Sean Hannity than the softy judge from American Idol, Paula Abdul. I can hear it now: "First of all, Congressman, you look great and you know I love you. I just wanted to say, that legislation maybe wasn't the right choice for you. That doesn't mean you shouldn't introduce any legislation, maybe just a different bill more your style. But keep it up. You're going to do great. This just wasn't your week. Sean?"

  • Hannity and Julianne. Ok, I'm not sure where Dancing With The Stars' professional dancer Julianne Hough sits politically, but I'm sure Hannity would not mind sitting across from her. Seriously, have grown men ever taken a keener interest in the Paso Doble since she hit the scene?

  • Hannity and Rosie. Just imagine the shootouts they would have. They could somehow add an element of full contact martial arts.

  • Hannity and Alf. I have long suspected that Alan Colmes was actually a sophisticated muppet operated by James Carville under the desk. It wouldn't be much of a stretch if the muppet was replaced by everyone's favorite 80's stuffed alien.

  • Hannity and Madden. "Ha Ha. Ok, Senator McCain. Have you considered Brett Favre as your running mate. I mean, boom! you'd go out and give a speech and you wouldn't even need Secret Service. I mean, if he saw someone coming after you, he'd boom! and take out the whole group of terrorists. I know if there was anyone I'd want on my team it'd be Brett Favre."

  • The Wit Hits the Fan tv hour. So far, this one has my vote. Actually, who am I kidding? It's my second choice after Julianne.

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