Friday, August 28, 2009

Bill in the Senate would give president power to control the internet

Yea, that's a good idea. Obama would never abuse power.

Confirmed: Liberals have no shame, exhibit B. Hypocrisy abound as Dem's try to reverse their own open Senate seat law

Actually, it's not so much hypocrisy as it is short-sighted and poor law-writing. The law that they should have passed would just say, "All open legislative seats should be filled the way Teddy would have wanted."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Confirmed: Liberals have no shame. Pelosi begins using the deceased Senator Kennedy as a prop to push socialized health care

It's a fitting health care ploy, since it makes me sick.

From Michelle Malkin:

John Stossel on Obama and health care reform

Succinct and to the point. Leave it to John Stossel to cut right to the core of Obama and health care reform.

"Choice, competition, reducing costs -- those are the things that I want to see accomplished in this health reform bill," President Obama told talk-show host Michael Smerconish last week.
Choice and competition would be good.
They would indeed reduce costs. If only the President meant it. Or understood it.
In a free market, a business that is complacent about costs learns that its prices are too high when it sees lower-cost competitors winning over its customers. The market -- actually, the consumer -- holds businesses accountable and keeps them honest. No "public option" is needed.
So the hope for reducing medical costs indeed lies in competition and choice. Today competition is squelched by government regulation and privilege.
But Obama's so-called reforms would not create real competition and choice. They would prohibit it.
In place of the variety of products that competition would generate, we would be forced "choose" among virtually identical insurance plans. Government would define these plans down to the last detail. Every one would have at least the same "basic" coverage, including physical exams, maternity benefits, well-baby care, alcoholism treatment, and mental-health services. Consumers could not buy a cheap, high-deductible catastrophic policy. Every insurance company would have to use an identical government-designed pricing structure.
Prices would be the same for sick and healthy.
In this respect, it wouldn't matter whether or not Congress created a "public option," a government insurance plan. In either case, bureaucrats would dictate virtually every aspect of the health-insurance business. What Obama says in favor of a public option -- as of today, at least -- tells us how little he understands competition.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who says union jobs are down? Democrats planning 1,000 health care events across the country

Per CNN:
Organizing for America, Obama's campaign operation now housed at the Democratic National Committee, is coordinating the "Health Insurance Reform Now: Let's Get it Done" events that are scheduled to kick off on Wednesday. Health Care for America Now, an umbrella organization of unions and other progressive groups, will be involved in helping to get people out to the events.
Good. At least there's no fake and contrived astroturfing going on here.

Dems looking for bipartisanship? Only if bipartisanship means talking, amending and voting like a Democrat

Democrats blocking Republican mailings:

Democrats on the bipartisan Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards have been blocking Republicans from sending out franked mailings to constituents that refer to the cap-and-trade bill as "cap and tax," the stimulus bill as the "so-called stimulus," and the healthcare reform bill as "socialized medicine."
Democrats barring Republicans from providing legislative input on bills:

Franks says for the first time in decades, Republicans have not been able to offer amendments to some of the most critical bills being considered. He points out that Democrats are even trying to create a rule on appropriations bills that would prevent Republicans from offering their amendments.

Obviously, the Democrats are trying to be bi-partisan, but those evil Republicans keep disagreeing with them. It's a sad thing when Americans' God-given freedoms get in the way of taking away Americans' God-given freedoms.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Is he lying or just incompetent? Obama misinformation on healthcare

From the American Thinker Blog:

He claims, "...coverage for abortions would be mandated under reform. Also false." The bill does not exclude payment for abortions, and the sponsors specifically defeated amendments that would have prohibited it, Obama has already declared that he believes that "reproductive healthcare" is basic to healthcare, and the bill would allow the government to define "healthcare". So do you believe him when he says "no", or when he says "yes", to the same question. The answer depends on whether its and odd day or an even day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't be fooled. Public option is not off the table -- at least not yet

As soon as I heard the news that the Obama administration is considering taking the public option out of the health care reform plan, I was skeptical. The administration has faked right and gone left waaay too many times. Remember these golden oldies?

-no lobbyists in the administration -- now 3/4 of his upper advisers are former lobbyist;

-full disclosure with legislation on the Internet -- in reality every major piece of legislation has been rammed through without so much as the lawmakers reading it;

-open health care debate on C-span -- actually, billion dollar taxpayer funded deals were cut in back-door, secret meetings with drug companies.

It is no time to let up on Washington.

Michelle Malkin seems to agree.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breaking news from Michelle Malkin: Senate Finanace Committee to drop end of life provisions (death panel)

Here's the first result of all the brave Americans who have been letting their lawmakers know we don't want Obama's health care reform -- as he has proposed it.

The Senate has removed what Sarah Palin has called the "death panels." As recently as yesterday, Barack Obama denied these provisions were even in the legislation.

Way to go America!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I love this. The smoking gun showing the SEIU is the real astroturf, angry mob organizing entity -- in favor of Obamacare

From Mary Katharine Ham of the Weekly Standard The Blog:
I quote from the official union communication (which has now been pulled from their site, but screen shots have been saved and are now being displayed throughout the web):
Action: Opponents of reform are organizing counter-demonstrators to speak at this and several congressional town halls on the issue to defend the status quo. It is critical that our members with real, personal stories about the need for access to quality, affordable care come out in strong numbers to drown out their voices.
Mary Katharine's blog entry on the subject:

I love it when the bad guys get caught in their own web of lies and deception.

Finally, exclusive behind the scenes footage of the highly funded, brutally organized and dangerously enraged mob

I don't know how much longer Obama can allow these renegades to operate out in the open. This video is just dripping with fury and rage. Watch at your own risk.

Did I miss the open negotiations with drug companies on C-Span?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who are the masters of rent-a-mob astroturf? Obama health care supporters

From the Gateway Pundit:

From the ad:
Now is the time to work for changeWe need people like you—lots of people like you—to go out in communities around the country this summer and help make change happen. And you can earn money doing it. Earn $4,000-$6,000 this summer. Get skills. Learn vital campaign skills including how to fundraise, run a news conference and mobilize activists.Know the issues. Learn about the issues from some of the nation's top advocates, organizers and experts. Be part of a winning team. Work alongside other motivated staff who share your passion for change. Make lasting friendships.

You might be an un-American, astroturf, swastika-carrying tool of the insurance companies if...

According to Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer:

You might be an astroturfer...

-If you've ever dared to question your lawmaker when he or she wants to create a system leading to single-payer socialized medicine, more expensive utility costs or mountains of federal debt...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you've ever read the Constitution...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you've ever wondered why it's OK for members of Congress to buy and use luxury private jets at taxpayer expense, but executives of private industry are ridiculed for doing the same with their own money...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you've ever watched Fox News...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you've ever asked why it takes 6 months for the President to pick out a puppy, but less than 24 hours to debate the spending of $1 trillion in future tax revenues...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you know who John Galt is...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you've ever wondered why the President has time for a photo-op beer at a picnic table, but just can't get around to reading the health care bill he is pushing...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you ever thought you know better how to spend your money, educate your kids and help your neighbor...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you do belong to a church, but don't belong to a union...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you believe Democrats in power should be held to the same standard they demanded of Republicans in power...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you've ever wondered, if government-run health care works so well, why do people from socialized medicine countries flock to the U.S. for medical care...

you might be an astroturfer.

-If you assemble to make your views heard, but you aren't bussed in from another part of the country, paid to be there by the SEIU, the DNC, or George Soros and were not recruited by ACORN or any other community organizing group...

you might be an astroturfer.

My apologies to Jeff Foxworthy.