Monday, November 17, 2008

The Catholic vote in the 2008 election--what happened?

No other Presidential candidate has had as explicit and extensive of a pro-abortion voting record as Barack Obama. He made the campaign promise during the Democratic Primary that one of his first priorities would be to sign "Freedom of Choice" legislation, overriding all abortion limitation laws in the individual states.

The United States Council of Catholic Bishops placed the protection of the unborn as the most important issue in the 2008 election, superseding every other issue, and that Catholics must vote their conscience.

But after election day, exit polls showed those labeling themselves as Catholic voted 55%-45% for Obama. Among regular mass-attending Catholics, the exit polls show McCain only won 55%-45%. Why did so many Catholics stray from their tradition and the urgings of the bishops? An op-ed in the Washington Times places a substantial amount of the blame on Catholic academics in church affiliated and supported universities.

It's an interesting theory. I personally think the author, Patrick Reilly, president and founder of the Cardinal Newman Society, over-estimates the sway these professors have with the Catholics across the country. The article does present, however, a sad picture of the way these academics, who draw much of their salary from the collection plates of the Catholic Church, find no problem in undermining its teachings.

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