Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15: Tea Party Day (aka tax day)

Congratulations to the hundreds of spontaneous grassroots organizers who have successfully organized the over 300 tea party events that will take place today across the country. Such events have already been widespread, and highly successful, with sudden big crowds: 2,000 in St. Louis, 3,000 in Cincinnati, 6,000 in Orlando, as recently reported by Peter Roff in a Fox News blog.

Because these events are highly decentralized, with no significant institutional organization or funding behind them, they represent a genuine outpouring of grassroots opinion with enormous political importance. For every person out in the streets today, there are undoubtedly many more who didn't make it who share the same opinions. The bigger the demonstrations today, the bigger the rest of the iceberg under water. Moreover, this movement represents genuine grassroots organization, as names and contact information are collected, and this will be valuable for future political activity.

These people are both against and for something. They are against the left-wing extremism of the current political leadership in Washington, from Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi, to Barney Frank, to Henry Waxman, and on and on. No wonder Newsweek (soon going out of business)thinks we are a nation of socialists now, as it admitted in a recent cover story.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Top 10 more believable explanations for the Obama bow

"Pay no attention to man behind the curtain. The powerful Obz has spoken!"

The White House press machine is at it again. They're telling us the bending at the waist clearly seen on video is not a bow. They say the gargantuan US President was simply reaching for the munchkin hand of Saudi King Abdullah, who also represents the Lollipop Guild.

You be the judge:

It doesn't matter to me if he bowed or not. What does matter is the White House attitude that they can feed us feces and tell us it's fillet. In that vein, I thought I'd compose a list of 10 more believable explanations for Barack Obama's bow.

Top 10 more believable explanations for the Obama bow

10. He was stretching his sore back after bowling a few frames with the royal family.
9. King Abdullah was playing a late April Fools Day joke, telling him his fly was down.
8. He was asking, "Is my bald spot getting bigger?"
7. He dropped a contact lens.
6. He thought he heard his top-secret shoe phone ringing.
5. It's Rush Limbaugh's fault.
4. The square dance caller shouted, "Bow to your partner and promenade left."
3. He was reaching to turn on the teleprompter.
2. He saw it done in that Aladdin DVD he and Gordon Brown watched together.
1. He was demonstrating the position in which American tax payers have been placed under his economic plan.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Wit Hits the Fan's favorite Barney Frank moments

The airwaves are again aflutter with the graceful and soothing tone of a Barney Frank hissyfit as he is asked exactly what responsibility, if any, he has for the financial crisis. As is his usual mode of operation, he tries to evade the question by demeaning the questioner and accusing him of being part of some sort of right-wing conspiracy.

This brings to mind some of our favorite moments from the man who 60 Minutes named "the smartest man in Congress."

There are "plenty of rich people that we can tax"

"Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac are not in a crisis."

Barney Frank calls Supreme Court Justice a "homophobe"

Barney Frank rules with an iron gavel

And, Barney Frank's famous hissyfit with Bill O'Reilly

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The GOP Alternative Budget -- less debt, strong defense, individual freedom, optimistic future

From the Wall Street Journal:

House Republicans will offer an alternative plan. This too is no ordinary budget. As the opposition party, we believe this moment must be met by offering the American people a different way forward -- one based on our belief that America is an exceptional nation, and we want to keep it that way. Our budget applies our country's enduring first principles to the problems of our day. Rather than attempting to equalize the results of peoples' lives and micromanaging their affairs, we seek to preserve our system of protecting our natural rights and equalizing opportunity for all. The plan works to accomplish four main goals: 1) fulfill the mission of health and retirement security; 2) control our nation's debts; 3) put the economy on a path of growth and leadership in the global economy; and 4) preserve the American legacy of leaving the next generation better off.