Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do not let history be written by the losers

Winston Churchill, a prominent member of my all-time list of favorite guys, is famous for saying, “History is written by the victors.” Vladimir Lenin, prominently not on my list of all-time favorite guys is quoted as saying, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

Today, the losers are trying to write history by repeating a lie.

The savaging of Sarah Palin has begun and it’s coming from staffers within the McCain campaign. It’s pure, petty and pitiful CYA politics. It can’t go unchecked.

Perhaps a little insight into the nature of a political staffer is in order. As a recovering staffer myself, I have found there are two kinds of career political staffer. Those who choose this as a life-long vocation can be broken down into the true-believers and the parasites.

The true-believers are there to do their part to advance a cause. Usually these types of people knowingly do so for less pay than they would make in the private sector. Typically, the true-believers are genuine and beneficial.

Parasites are true-believers whose causes are themselves. Parasites, true to their name, latch on to a candidate for reasons of self-importance. They live vicariously through their candidate and convince themselves that their candidate could not win without them. What happens when their candidate loses? You find a scapegoat and scandalize him or her.

That’s what we find happening right now with Sarah Palin. The parasites are willing to sabotage her good name and her aspirations in order to shift the blame. Words like diva, tantrums, simplistic, naïve, uncontrollable, and uninformed are being bandied about by the press. They have been whispered in the ears of reporters by “inside sources” who don’t have the courage to show their faces or back them up.

The facts are as follows:

-Sarah Palin was elected the first female Governor of Alaska.
-She remains the most popular governor (in terms of approval ratings) in the United States.
-She rose to that position without the benefit of family wealth, power or influence.

To paint her as incompetent is to insult the 75% of Alaskans who love her.

It has been debated that she was a drag on the campaign. I submit that McCain didn’t take a lead over Obama until she was named his running mate. I also submit she packed venues at campaign stops all over the country. In addition, Sarah Palin pumped up the enthusiasm of a base that was ready to stay home on Election Day due to McCain’s mutually lukewarm relationship with conservatives. I would argue that McCain was a drag on Palin’s campaign.

Don’t let the parasitic losers write the history on Sarah Palin. The repeated lie that she was the reason McCain lost cannot become the truth.

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