Friday, November 7, 2008

By his actions we will know him

A very good friend of mine forwarded a great link to me about President-elect Obama’s choice as Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. It is an August 2006 document that outlines Emanuel’s “new contract with America.”

The thing rings pretty Orwellian. Among the components of his plan are Universal Citizen Service, Universal College Access, Universal Retirement Savings, and Universal Children’s Health Care.

Universal? Does that mean available to everyone? Does it mean mandated for everyone? Hard to tell, but it certainly means paid for by everyone (and by everyone I mean those evil, greedy, unpatriotic and selfish people who want to pay less taxes).

Under the heading of “A return to fiscal responsibility and an end to corporate welfare as we know it” we get this little redistributive tidbit:

We can only achieve universal service, college, pensions, and children’s health care if we’re willing to cut and invest to pay for it.
That is exactly what Joe the Plumber would call income redistribution. I would call it socialism.

But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself:

As my friend put it in his e-mail, “So much for the speculation that Obama might lead from left of center despite his liberal record.”

Obama laughed off the “socialist” tag the McCain campaign hit him with, but his first presidential act was to appoint a guy with this type of manifesto out there.

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