Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jimmy Carter: tin foil hatter or big oil prophet?

tin foil hatter - (n) a person who whole-heartedly believes in some far-reaching conspiracy no matter how far fetched. A tin foil hatter wears a tin foil hat in order to keep the government from reading his thoughts.

As of this afternoon, crude oil prices dropped into the high $60 range -- that's less than 1/2 its high-water mark just a few months ago. This does not come as a surprise to everyone, however. May I present to you the 39th President of the United States-

If the gas lines of the late 1970's taught us anything, it's that Jimmy Carter knows the petroleum industry. Coincidence? Conspiracy? It certainly couldn't be because demand for gasoline is down and the value of the U.S. dollar is up, could it?
Is J-Cart a tin foil hatter or big oil prophet? You be the judge. As Agent Mulder of the X-Files might say... the truth is out there.

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