Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tap the keg and raise a glass! It's time for the Obama Inauguration Speech Drinking Game!

Can we play it? Yes We Can!

I know the historic address will be taking place just after noon Eastern Time and that most people will be at work or in school. I also know alcohol in the workplace is generally frowned upon on a Tuesday, but these are historic times. Besides, this drinking game is AA, Al Anon, MADD, SADD, and Tea Totalers of America-friendly.

The rules are very simple. Listen closely to President Obama's historic Inauguration Speech. When he utters the following words or phrases, take the appropriate number of drinks from your beverage of choice.


"Deficits of more than $1 trillion are harmful to the future of our country." -- take 1 drink

"I pledge to put the full weight of the FBI upon the investigation of the shady practices of ACORN." -- take 1 drink

"As the dramatic supply-side policies of JFK, Reagan and GW Bush have shown, the only way to truly increase government revenue is to dramatically slash tax rates on everyone who pays taxes." -- take 1 drink

"The mortgage meltdown was caused by liberals in Congress, like me, forcing banks to take on billions of dollars in questionable loans." -- take 1 drink

Bonus Phrases

"Now that I've had a chance to think about it, I've changed my mind. Government is not the solution. It's actually the problem. We will cut government spending 65% by the end of my first term." -- drink 1 complete glass

"We will end all abortions in American by the year 2012." -- drink 1 complete pitcher

"I hold here in this hand my original birth certificate, my college transcripts, my complete medical history and the contact information of every 60's radical I have met with in my life. I enter all this into the public record for your perusal." -- do a keg stand

Enjoy this historic day.

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