Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama to sign death warrant for Democratic majority

Today, President Obama will burn 20,000 gallons of tax-payer funded jet fuel in order to created a spectacle in signing the mile-high pork bill. Where the nearly $800 billion "stimulus" plan was stocked full of liberal pet projects and payoffs (a high-speed rail system between LA and Vegas, a couple billion dollars set aside for community activism with ACORN), it lacked in debate and transparency.

As we move forward on this Democratic over-reach of historic proportions, it makes me wonder whether those who voted in favor of it will still think it worthwhile when they run for re-election. Will $13 per week in tax savings be enough to save their seat? Some lawmakers who voted in favor are already backpedaling. Indiana's Evan Bayh is already trying to soften the backlash by saying he was not in favor of earmarks, like those set aside for "the arts", but the package was needed and needed to be put in place quickly.

The economy will recover. The American economy always does, despite the muck the government makes us trudge through in order to do so. When it does, the Democrats will claim it was the stimulus, with its ATV parks, condoms and livestock insurance, that caused it. What will not save those who voted in favor of it is the overwhelming price tag and the scant tax relief Americans will see on their pay stubs.

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter doesn't have a ghost of a chance to survive what will surely be a strong primary challenge. That is assuming he even chooses to run for reelection. Will he attempt a Joe Lieberman independent run? Possibly, but he doesn't have the reputation as a statesman that Lieberman has earned.

In 1994, Bill Clinton blamed his retroactive tax hike for the bloodbath Democrats took when Republicans gained majority control of Congress. He called the defeated Dems "courageous" for putting tax hikes ahead of their popularity. Look for President Obama to make the same statements after the 2010 elections, when he finds a much less friendly Congress moving to Washington.

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