Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dems looking for bipartisanship? Only if bipartisanship means talking, amending and voting like a Democrat


Democrats blocking Republican mailings:

Democrats on the bipartisan Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards have been blocking Republicans from sending out franked mailings to constituents that refer to the cap-and-trade bill as "cap and tax," the stimulus bill as the "so-called stimulus," and the healthcare reform bill as "socialized medicine."
Democrats barring Republicans from providing legislative input on bills:

Franks says for the first time in decades, Republicans have not been able to offer amendments to some of the most critical bills being considered. He points out that Democrats are even trying to create a rule on appropriations bills that would prevent Republicans from offering their amendments.

Obviously, the Democrats are trying to be bi-partisan, but those evil Republicans keep disagreeing with them. It's a sad thing when Americans' God-given freedoms get in the way of taking away Americans' God-given freedoms.

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