Monday, December 15, 2008

The Minnesota recount enters the next phase tomorrow. Is this seat being Blagojeviched?

The Minnesota Senate recount saga is moving into the next phase. Republican incumbent Senator Norm Coleman narrowly won the first certified count. Coleman's win was upheld with the hand recount. Now the Canvassing Board begins the tedious process of pouring over each of the ballots that Coleman and his challenger, alleged comedian Al Franken have challenged. At one point, the total number of challenged ballots was over 6,000. Since then, both camps have removed their challenges on a number of these with hopes that the process will be completed sooner.

Power Line, a Minnesota-based blog written by attorneys who have been warily following the recount process, printed this update. Though Coleman holds a 200 vote lead at this point, they seem to suggest Franken seems to be getting the procedural breaks. I've said it all along. This is going to get ugly.

Here's the Power Line piece:

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